The intention of ISO 14001 is to provide a framework for an overall, strategic approach to your organization's environmental policy, plans and actions.



An organisation meeting the requirements of ISO 14001 is able to control the environmental impact of its activities and continually improve its environmental performance. This is done by setting environmental objectives and targets.

A commitment to compliance with applicable environmental legislation and regulations is required, along with a commitment to continuous improvement - for which the environmental management system provides the framework.

You can obtain certification by following the scheme process described in the right-hand column.



Platinum Certification has developed a sample environmental management manual that can be amended and adjusted to meet an applicant's specific organisational requirements. Using the manual clients are able to meet the standard's requirements in a simple way. The manual is intended to reflect all the mandatory requirements of ISO 14001 and can be used to form the basis for the Platinum Certification assessment. The applicant is required to commit to the implementation and conformance of the manual's content.



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