Scheme Process


You will need to read the Scheme Regulations here before you undertake step 1 to understand how the scheme works


Step1 - Complete an application form: Complete our online order form - and upload it here in your client portal


Step 2 - Modify and submit The Quality Management Manual based on our sample that we will forward you on payment for the standard and upload it here in your client portal


Step 3 - We will contact you and assess your submission and resolve any issues. Please note that we hold the right to spot check your service to ensure ongoing compliance. 


Step 4 - You need to download our Declaration of Conformance, Please fill in the form, and upload it here in your client portal Please note that you must fill in a Declaration for each standard.


Step 5- We may carry out an audit on your request, and provide you with written feedback, this can be a holistic assessment (to more then one standard or we can carry out a detailed audit on just one standard.  


Step 6 -Upon receipt of the Declaration of Conformance, we will issue a Certificate of Registration and our scheme logo. that you can download for your client portal. (We will post to you a hard copy of your Certificate) 


Step 6- Annual re-certification is achieved by completion of an Annual Conformance Review form and upload it here in your client portal



Audit Process:

About your support: you will have a total of six hours support from your assessor this can be done online or in person, this can be used in 1 appoitment or up to six-session Min of 1 hour per session.


Step 1 - Please read your scheme handbook - Your Assessor will contact you, please feel free to ask them any questions you may have regarding the process.


Step 2 - Your  need to write the Quality Manual for your scheme, if you are doing more then one scheme, you can link them all to the same manual, as long as you can evidence that the standards have been achieved (We have provided you with a template for your conveniences) 


Step 3 - Once your Quality manual has been written, we will review this and provide you with feedback within 48 hours.


Step 4- Once this has been approved and you have signed your conformance from we will approve you and provide you with feedback. 


Our Standards

  • Environmental management systems 

  • Occupational health and safety management systems Requirements 

  • Quality management systems 

  • Information technology security, Business Continuity

  • Information security management systems 

  • Human resource management 

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